Early in the 20th century, Savage Arms diversified its product The feed lips on both sides of the follower were bent. Do you know why sometimes it will shoot 2 rounds back to back in a split second like a full auto. Gave her a good cleaning and found she had a mismatched magazine follower. well-known shooters such as "Buffalo Bill" Cody, "Bat" Masterson, Mine is a Western Field from 1939 and shoots like new. Please send all support inquiries to support@lonestarstatefirearms.com, 2022 LoneStarStateFirearms.com | Designed & Hosted by, Shooting the coolest folding guns in America, New S&W M&P 5.728 Pistol Review :Tempo Rotating Barrel, Reconditioning a Model 732 H & R revolver, Do Not Buy Taurus GX4 Or G3C Before You Know The Differences. 1007 STEVENS IDEAL REMOVEABLE SIDE PLATE Trades Accepted: Sorry, no trades, no layaway. Going to have to try figure out how to shim it but it doesnt look like the pins are removable. They sold the same rifle under different names until the 60s, but if it's actually a Springfield 87A, it was made roughly during WWII. Reinstall the lifter and the rear magazine block onto the rifle. In the process, he founded filed two additional patent applications in February, 1892; the What years were these made? 5.00 Pounds. Free shipping for many products! This example still wears the original 415 scope that came with it but is equipped with traditional open sights as well. $5.50 shipping. The Stevens 887 was made in the late 70s and early 80s as a tube fed semi-auto 22LR. produced by John Marlin, and .303 Savage ammunition was $29.95. Long Rifle Falling, A J. Stevens Offhand No. Savage Model 77D 77E 77F 77H 77M 77EM Steel Mainspring & Plunger. Slide the magazine through the block and into the lifter. Chaos- I doubt that it is stamped "full auto". That which does not kill you makes you strongerexcept submarines, they'll just plain kill you. My iron sights are way off, and I think I have (or had) the very same scope on mine I still have it here somewhere. $170.00. What is better the Stevens 987 or the Glenfield Model 60? Friend I have a rifle cal 22 semi automatic 16 shots brand stevns original model 987 what value do they have? P.S. Manufacturer: NC Ordnance. A nice gun. G-I-22019. Savage Springfield Stevens Model 85h 87e . SKU: OA-RF-FA-011 Categories: 24 Hour Gun Show, Firearms - Rifles, Shotguns, Handguns, Rifles, Savage/Stevens Model 87A Tags: Model 87A Rifle For Sale, Savage-Stevens . My man would kick my a__ __. 44 32 Cal. The Tenites were made from the late 40's to the early 50's (no specific dates known). Savage 6A 76A 87A Complete Trigger Housing Assembly. Savage serving as general manager. Add To Cart. Stevens Model 219 Parts 11; Stevens Model 7 Parts 8; Stevens Combo-Gun Parts 28. . Savage later abandoned the Martini action in favor of $19.99. Its almost exactly the same except mine has a steel charging handle and a stained wood stock. You pull out metal charging handle to unlock bolt then cycle action to get another shell the push in to lock bolt and shoot again. Daniel Defense firearms, parts and accessories, http://www.gunpartscorp.com/Manufac87RifleSeries-39863/87A-34285.htm?results=All. . STEVENS FAVORITE Model 1915 .22LR Hammer, Spring, Spring Guide & Screw. 13.99. Savage Arms relocated to Chicopee Falls, Massachusetts in Haven't shot the gun yet but I'm trying to find info and history of the rifle any help is welcomed! Got yet another click-clack/gill-gun. This .32 Our New Molding Technology Produces Mirror Perfect Reproductions. The 87A was manufactured between 1938 to 1965, with pre-1945 examples showing a checkered stock. Supplying your missing parts since 1975. I made a video on mine, Inherited one of these from my grandpa. Remove the stock and look at the screw that holds the rear of the trigger mechanism down. This same gun was produced by multiple companies. Thank you for being so good at educating this ol gal. Tube Fed: GunBroker is the largest seller of Semi Auto Rifles Rifles Guns & Firearms All: 974160958 . and detectives William A. Pinkerton and William T. Burns. Vintage Savage 6a Stevens 87a Front Sight Springfield Model 87a Front Original. The trigger is absolute garbage compared to pretty much anything else but the rifle is still incredibly accurate and has taken hundreds of squirrels and rabbits over the years. and a single-shot bolt-action rifle, both in .22 caliber. This is a tube-feed semi-auto right?I have one at home.Seems to me they were made from 1947 on.I have more info at home and will post later.The man I bought mine from told me he's had the gun for about 50 yrs.He got the gun when he was a teenager and was about to turn 70. Mailing Address: P.O. Min is a Springfield. About us; Sell Your Gun parts; Buy Gift Cards; Order Status; Cart; Account; . his own hammerless lever-action design, which featured a . Just got one of these as a gift, only problem loading barley is semi bent. Stevens/Savage 87a absolute favorite .22 I own. it doesnt jam and you can continue shooting but the range masters make me put it away after that happens a few times for safety precautions. Hello friend, can you help me where I can buy the Stevens spare parts that you have or some page to buy friend because I am from Ecuador and I went to travel to your country friend please help me since there are no spare parts in Ecuador. Hey therecool videoI have a question young mancould you please tell me if that stevens model 887 is the same as a savage or the original version Springfield model 187a Im really curious to find this information out.thanks for whatever you do.Always a Patriot , say out .dont sell out Mike. Picked up the same gun today as a Savage 487T Westpoint. and was reorganized as the Savage Arms Company in 1897, with Arthur I have a j Stevens model 87a ..the thing bout it is it shoots both semi(22 shorts) and full auto (22lr only) has any one eles have one or ever shot one? Only 2 left. I fixed that and it runs like a top. It was passed down to me through a relative. 22 Rifle: Up, RARE SMALL SIZE C.B. Introduced in 1938, this rifle was produced for many other companies by J. Stevens. Stevens Mod 87A Semi-Automatic. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission, which supports our community. JavaScript is disabled. for a simplified one-piece breech mechanism with a longitudinal This fun and functional 22 has a odd, two piece bolt that only closes when you release the trigger after firing. Don't think it was me that said you can replace the bumper without removing the barrel. Cant tell at all where your talking . Savage/Stevens Model 124; Savage/Stevens Model 320; Savage/Stevens Model 322, 325, & 340; Savage/Stevens Model 39 & 59; Savage/Stevens Model 416; . Savage Stevens ONE Cartridge Stop Pivot Nut NO screw 67, 30,77 . . For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Second Media Inc., 30800 Telegraph Rd, Suite 1921, Bingham Farms, MI 48025 USA. 17.95. I have one very similar to yours that I purchased at a used gun store in the early 1990s. Clean shinny, no rust. It was made by Savage armsin MA. Numrich supplied the feed tube and extractor I needed to get it up and running. I believe the Savage/Stevens Model 987 is also basically the same gun with some very minor 'modernized' upgrades. 17.99. FAX 24 hours a Day (501)-767-2750 (Leave Your FAX # when you FAX.) They sold the same rifle under different names until the 60s, but if it's actually a Springfield 87A, it was made roughly during WWII. I have a Springfield model 388 that has the same action. I have one of these, my wife inherited from an Uncle. This rifle is circa 1945-65. It is one of my favorite plinkers, as long as you keep it clean and lubed it will run just fine. This Model 87A is in very good condition and features; 24" blued barrel, blued receiver, straight walnut stock, height adjustable rear iron sights, and appears to have a new magazine tube. Just pull the trigger as you pull the bolt out. Springfield Model 87A D Hammer Complete Assembly .22 S-L-LR Original #3. I also have a Ruger 10/22 and I look forward to comparing how these two shoot. Please? Meaning the semi auto setting, as opposed to the single shot mode. $14.99. Thanks for making this video. 22 Long Rifle:J Stevens Favorite Model 1915 . Unique action delays chambering until after trigger reset. 29.00. Good result. 32 Revolver, and, J. Stevens Arms "Favorite" . indicator, and this feature became standard in the Model 1899 Our Price: $10.50. View Product Details. It is a reproduction made exactly like the original. Yes, it also says Savage Arms on the barrel. One question. Thank you so much for this video! caliber handgun was based on the design of Elbert H. Searles and Dont know what year it was, but it has never fired a bullet. Savage Arms relocated to Chicopee Falls, Massachusetts in 1946 and began a close association with J. Stevens Arms Co. Savage later became a division of American Hardware Corporation until it was sold by its parent company in 1981. https://amzn.to/2Ynn2TL. Marking should be "automatic". Whatever happened to this company? Jan 4, 2013. Savage Stevens Springfield Model 6 87 187 Rifle 22 Extractor Part 87c-59 Nos. Very versatile with the ability to shoot .22lr, .22l, and shorts. Add To Cart. Single barrel Stock. JKNova, the Savage/Stevens guns are made out of fairly soft metal. The Finest Quality Reproduction Urethane ButtPlates. Morning, Chaos- welcome to the forum. Ok no shit herei was cleaning and oiling up my dads which probably hasnt been serve serviced in 40 yearswhile test firing it (it needs an overhaul) it fired two semi shots then went full auto for about 7 shots then jammedIm not kidding it sounded like an Uzi. I don't see how that could be done. Weight. NE - GOOD- in working condition, wear on working surfaces, finish 40% - 79%, no broken parts, no corrosion or pitting that will interfere with proper functioning, but may have some minor surface pitting. These were sometimes called click clack guns. Buy STEVENS Model 87A, 22-S/L/LR - PARTS GUN: GunBroker is the largest seller of Semi Auto Rifles Rifles Guns & Firearms All: 965231056. . hi i have a springfield 87a was wondering if you might know where to get a side mount for a scope i see it has two screws in the barrel for one thanks. Ahh, yes, shooting my old Stevens / Savage Arms Model 87A .22 rifle! I'l bet the guys over at Savage shoters forum could help. Features round barrel, blade front sight, adjustable rear sight, smooth wood stock, and blued finish. Open to counter offers. $17.95. you said the charging handle was no longer available, I just ordered a replacement charging handle for this rifle from Numrich, and its steel. Stevens Model 87A .22 Caliber Rifle For Sale/Trade. I agree with you, its a mystery they only made them three years. A source of spare parts is a good thing. ), Muzzleloading Modern & Replica Pistols (flint), Muzzleloading Modern & Replica Pistols (perc), United States Patent Firearms Revolvers/Pistols, Century Arms International (CAI) - Shotguns. I have one problem the inside shell extractor is broke. Great video. Find Savage/Springfield/Stevens Model 187 parts, accessories and more with Numrich Gun Parts Corp.. Providing gun parts since 1950. Savage 6A, 6AB, 6B, 6C, 6D, Stevens and Springfield 187, 87A, 87AB, 87AT, 87B, 87C, 87D, 76A, 87K (22 automatic repeating tubular rifle) are J Stevens Favorite Model 1915 . Life MemberTSRA Life MemberGOA, JPFO, SAFhttp://www.flash.net/~csmkersh/===============================================================, Read Jeff Snyder's unabridged analysis of the S&W/HUD selloutat http://communities.prodigy.net/sportsrec/jeffsnyder.html. Accuracy is usually excellent. Mike- welcome to the forum. As a division of Savage, Stevens continued to produce firearms at their Chicopee Falls facility until 1960 when the plant was torn down and Stevens production was moved into other Savage facilities. 22 Rolling Block, J. Stevens Favorite 25 Cal Single Shot Rifle, J. Stevens No. First World War, Savage's manufacturing facilities were turned to Stevens Model 66 Parts 4; Stevens Premier Single Shot Parts 5; Stevens Break-Action Parts 19. Remove the stock and look at the screw that holds the rear of the trigger mechanism down. Thanks, Can I shoot 1 round in a tube dead semi automatic rifle with out the tube. Website by Hudson, Barrel, .22 Cal., 20", Used Factory Original (Stamped 87D) (Stamped 87D), Barrel, .22 Cal., 24" (Stamped 87A) Used Factory Original, Barrel, .22 Cal., 24" (Stamped 87B) Used Factory Original, Barrel, .22 Cal., 24" (Stamped 87D) Used Factory Original, Barrel, .22 LR (Stamped Revelation 135 Series A), Barrel, .22 LR, 24", Stamped 6A, Used Factory Original, Barrel, .22 S/L/LR, 23 1/2", Model Markings Vary, Blued, Used Factory Original, Barrel, .22 S/L/LR, Stamped 87A, Cut Down, Lengths Vary, Nickel, Used Factory, Barrel, .22 S/L/LR., 24" Used Factory (Stamped J.C. Higgins Model 101.16), Breech Bolt Spring Rod, New Factory Original. Description. What we have here is failure- to communicate. Model: 6A, 6AB, 6B, 6C, 6D, 187, 87A, 87AB, 87AT, 87B, 87C, 87D, 76A, 87K, Model: 187, 6A, 6B, 6AB, 6C, 6D, 87A, 87AB, 87AT, 87B, 87C, 87D, 76A, 87K, Model: 187, 6A, 6AB, 6B, 6C, 6D, 87A, 87AB, 87AT, 87B, 87C, 87D, 76A, 87K, Numrich Gun Parts Corporation UPC . It is a reproduction made exactly like the original. Long time ago but I remember doing this and it cracked the breach. (Idea here) Idk if this is anything like my old Stevens 87A but the bolt does the same, "sitting open", thing on mine bc it is both a semi auto & a bolt action. With it apart, cock the bolt, pull the trigger and hold it. The 87T's were made at the same time as the 87A's, so the action parts will be the same. Watching the cleaning repeatedly because it does have unique action. I think parts are still available to fix these. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission, which supports our community. . was sold by its parent company in 1981. This is the first video I found explaining the takedown and reassembly. Comfortable and Enjoyable to shoot. The rifle is marked in numerous places, reading; "Springfield - J. Stevens Arms Company - Chicopee Falls, MASS. I have not tried this method on mine yet but I am hopeful this will fix my problem and save me a gunsmith bill. Yes they look just like thatso it is malfunctioning? 6.47. $4.50 . The Model 1895 rifle was savage model 1920. A reworked Savage, Stevens, Springfield design was the basis for this model. Australia, and coffee plantation manager in Jamaica, Savage moved http://savageshooters.com/SavageForum/index.php, Wilderness Survival, Hiking and Camping Forum. Savage 219 220 16 Gauge Locking Bolt & Pin. I am going to go through and clean it up, but was curious how much lube do they like? Our Price: $10.50. Add to Wishlist. Thank you for browsing and we hope to do business with you! Skip to main content. It's not malfunctioning when it shoots full auto .it is stamped full auto on the reciver .is it ok for me to own this weapon I didn't buy it I got it from my father. Just a few examples of appraisal values for J. Stevens a & T co. 22 long rifle. The Fora platform includes forum software by XenForo. civilian sporting arms was resumed in 1919. "W.M." Stevens & Springfield models 187, 87A, 87AB, 87AT, 87B, 87C, 87D, 76A, and 87K. Didnt have a scope with it. The rifle is marked in numerous places, reading; "Springfield - J. Stevens Arms Company - Chicopee Falls, MASS. Is an extremely accurate with the iron sights. U.S.A. - Model 87A" on the top of the barrel, infront of the rear sight, ".22 Short Long or Long Rifle - Long Rifle Only As Automatic" on the left side of the barrel, underneath the rear sight, and "2094577 Patents 2224758 - 2223093 RE22585 2271576" on the right side of the barrel, underneath the rear sight. Add to Wishlist. Dating Savage/Stevens rifles - specific to the Model 4,5,6 and 85,86,87 series and variants. These rifles were known as "click clack" rifles because you have to hold the trigger back for the rifle to recock then release it to fire again. Its an odd one, but I like tinkering and this seems like a plinker that requires attention. OUT OF STOCK. the manufacture of Lewis machine guns, and the production of I cleaned it before taking it out. million. There must be at least 4 million Stevens Model 311s, in one form or another, out there! If anyone has any ideas I would really appreciate it. View Product Details. Try Numrich gun parts corp. some 187 parts are compatible. Trick out or upgrade your firearm with the largest gun parts selection at eBay.com. The Stevens 887 was made in the late 70s and early 80s as a tube fed semi-auto 22LR. Is there anyplace to get a breech bolt assembly? Savage's original design. You do not have to remove the trigger assembly or use a Allen key to take the bolt out. But they were nice guns. Check out a video creator kit on Amazon Box 413 Glenside, PA 19038. Business Address: 1 Limekiln Pike Glenside, PA 19038. What yr was this made, never heard of these, but when I was a kid in the 60s we never looked at Stevens, even tho my dad had a shotgun made by them, there wasnt the plethora of different guns that we have today. Stevens Savage Springfield Model 120 15 22lr Wood Stock Buttplate. These guns come under so many names you really need to dig the get those parts. Excellent and thorough. I no longer hunt too much with it because I bought a CZ 452 ultra lux for hunting now but the old 87A is still special to me as my first rifle and I still break her out from time to time. I have seen 3 or 4 guns made by Stevens. The gloss finish has started to fade on some spots of the . ** to New York City, where, in June 1877, he filed a patent The rifle is in good condition overall, with a good action, and a reasonable bore, showing some darkness, but strong rifling. Thanks for showing that part! Distributor & Manufacturer of Current and Obsolete Gun Parts. All Gun Parts; Pistol Parts. downward-tilting breechblock and rotary-spool magazine. Gill-Gun Guru. Is it possible to cut the spring in it? Mfg Part Number . My grandpa gave me his 887 and I just ran across it today. I have the 187N and the 6a basically the same gun. . Great video. Other Model. This model was produced for Savage Arms. LR | 668 | 4 | Lc | 78.105ms, SPRINGFIELD ( J. STEVENS) MODEL 87A SEMI-AUTOMATIC .22LR. It was passed down to me through a relative. . It has a tenite stock made by DuPont and was the early plastic stocks. If you pull the trigger- and it goes bang more than once before you pull the trigger again, yes, it is malfunctioning. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission, which supports our community. I have one of these and really like it. Marked J Stevens, J. STEVENS & CO. OLD MODEL PISTOL; Custom, J. Stevens Arms & Tools Single Shot Shotgun, J. Stevens Model 5000 Double Barrel Shotgun, J. Stevens A&T Co. 12 Gauge Single Barrel, J. Stevens boys' rifles and Remington Nylon. 15.00. His initial The rifle utilizes a 24" round barrel, rear notch sight, with a bead/blade front sight, and a single piece walnut stock. 739. Its a pain in the butt to take out and out in the loading rod gets stuck along the way. When I was a kid we had one that would shoot fine with long rifles but would often shoot 3 or 4 shorts at a time(and then sometimes jam). The alpha code should be preceded by one or two numbers enclosed in a circle on top of the barrel, typically between the rear sight & the . If it is loose it will fire full auto sometimes. The Fora platform includes forum software by XenForo. Stevens Springfield model 56 stock .22 . I dunno, u prob already know all about that stuff. I have one - well, technically, my elderly father has one . sporter design, which became the Model 1895 Savage rifle. (Session 1). . Close. Savage Stevens Buttplate 4 15 16 L X 1 9 16 W Screw Center 3 Original Factory. Looking at a springfield model 87a 22lr and have tried everywhere on the web to find its value before I buy but no luck unless I want to pay for some value books. . Jamaica, set out to design a repeating rifle based on the British

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